Saturday, 28 May 2011

Slave Lake Fires

This is definitely not breaking news, as all Albertans know that wildfires have been burning at a record breaking rate this spring. This is having an effect on our business as some of our workers at the Suncor MNU project had to be evacuated last shift from their Joslyn camp rooms due to the proximity of the fire and ended up being transported through the night to camps near Conklin. Some of the camps in the Fort McMurray area are closed due to the fires while others are limiting the amount of rooms they are letting out in case they need to be closed on short notice. As a result C shift has not been called back to work yet. However, B shift is currently scheduled to return on May 31 and C shift is scheduled to return on June 7. Currently we are finalizing all of the details with other camps, when these details are finalized we will call our crews on B and C shift to confirm that the returns dates remain the same and the necessary arrangements are made for those individuals on C shift that had to cancel their rotation flights. My thanks to our employees who have worked many long hours diligently handling this logistical nightmare and to our crews for their patience.

While these fires have been a challenge and annoyance to us, it pales in comparison to what it has done to Slave Lake, burning the foundations from underneath many families. So it is with those thoughts in mind that I stress the importance of giving in these times of need. Unlike the tsunamis and earthquakes felt around the world this tragedy is in our backyard and as neighbors it is our duty to help.

These contributions don’t need to be monetary and can include clothing, food and other items that are so often minimalized through daily life but in times of need become the corner stone of recovery. Both the Red Cross and Edmonton Emergency Relief Services are doing their part to help in the aftermath of such loss and to support these relief efforts JV Driver has donated $10,000 to Edmonton Emergency Relief Services. I know many of you have already supported and done your part to continue “Taking Care of Each Other”. Let’s hope the wind and rain cooperate as crews fight to get wildfires across Alberta under control.


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