Monday, 16 May 2011

Own Your Life

For those of you that don't know, Cara Dunser has worked at J.V. Driver Fabricators since July 2006; she came aboard as a QC administrator and quickly moved into finance where she has been since April 2007.  Cara has become interested in "Figure" competitions and although quite new to the sport recently won at a local level and therefore got to compete at a provincial level. Through this process Cara’s has discovered a passion and love for fitness and wants to share that passion with others.  As a result she approached me with a request to become the Champion of our “Own Your Life” (OYL) initiative. After reading a proposal Cara had drafted and hearing her speak so passionately about the subject, I couldn’t help but say yes.

As Cara is quick to point out documented studies have shown that some of the benefits of providing employees with health and fitness programs include:

·         Better safety statistics
·         Lower employee stress levels
·         Higher employee self esteem
·         Higher employee satisfaction
·         Higher productivity
·         Lower absenteeism
·         Fewer short and long term disability cases

Cara’s stated goal is to encourage health and wellness throughout the company including project sites. Cara has spoken at head office and imparted some of this vision.  In the short term Cara is busy building a plan for OYL.  However, this is not her plan.  While Cara has many great ideas she is seeking input from you on what things you would like to see OYL include.  In that way she’ll be able to create something effective for all of us.

This is something that I believe in and we have tried to kick start at different times to varying degrees of success.  I’d like to thank Cara for stepping forward and volunteering to take this on.  It demonstrates her dedication to our core values of “Taking Care of Each Other” and “Having Fun”.


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