Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Stollery

You may not know because I’m not sure we’ve done a good job sharing but JVD have been a big supporter of the Stollery Children’s hospital for several years.  The Stollery is a world class facility that helps sick children within our community.  You can’t help but be touched when you meet and hear the stories from the families that have had care provided by the Stollery.  Some interesting facts about the Stollery include:
o    It is more than a regional service as approximately 40% of children treated at the Stollery are from outside of the Capital Region.
o    It helps a lot of families as there are more than 1,400 admissions to the Neonatal I.C.U. annually.
o    Close to 300 pediatric specialists work at the Stollery providing a vast array of cutting edge medical knowledge.
JVD’s support has included being a Silver Sponsor at their annual Snowflake gala for the past 4 years.  This year JVD increased our support in becoming a Gold sponsor.  To find out more about the Snowflake Gala:
Rod Caroca and Tamara Middleton represented J.V. Driver at the announcement of the new pediatric emergency room at the Stollery Children’s Hospital which will make a huge difference to children seeking emergency care.  This event was at the hospital and involved the media, premier, mayor as well as other dignitaries.
J.V. Driver was also a sponsor of the Stollery Radiothon.  Patrick Walker and Lindsey Stringer from JVDF volunteered.  The Radiothon has raised more than $12.1 million for the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation. To find out more about the Radiothon go to:
As a sponsor of the Stollery Foundation we have a star on their donor wall and will be getting a bigger star this year as our sponsorship grows.
Tamara Middleton has had meetings with the Stollery over the course of the year to review how our support is positively impacting the hospital and to discuss how we can further support. The Stollery Foundation is working with us to find innovative ways we can support them that are not just monetary in nature but through volunteering as well.  We agreed, as we thought it would be a chance to live to our Core Value of Taking Care of Each Other while having some Fun. 
You can find out more about the Stollery at:


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