Friday, 29 April 2011

Most Admired Corporate Cultures

J.V. Driver has been selected as a regional winner in the Most Admired Corporate Cultures program.  What is interesting about this selection is that this is not a program that we entered or that I was even aware of up until we were notified by the award’s organizers.

Unbeknown to us, Sean O'Brien, President of Acklands Grainger, who is a past winner of this award, nominated JVD.  We were then contacted by the selection committee and interviewed by Martin Parker a Managing Director of Waterstone Human Capital who is one of the adjudicators of the award.

I believe that our culture is one of the strengths of the company but I have often wondered if I was really giving it an honest assessment or simply looking at things through rose coloured glasses.  Therefore i found it very heartening that impartial third parties have agreed.

One of Sean's comments to me when i thanked him for the nomination was "I have always been impressed with your organization, team members and the contribution JV Drivers makes to the community."  The fact that Sean, who is a complete outsider to the company, noticed these things and then felt strong enough about them to nominate us speaks volumes.  During the interview, Martin Parker often expressed surprise and admiration for many of the programs and initiatives that we are working on, all of which define J.V. Driver. 

I don't think we are perfect and culture is not something that you can is simply who we are at JVD.  But the fact that someone else thinks enough of our culture to give us an award is something I think we should all feel proud about.


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